The bookbinder
is a craftsman engaged in manual framing of various publications and decoration of luminaires (mainly antique), printing house worker (bookbinding)

source: Wikipedia

Saddle stitch

Stapled booklets are made up of several folded sheets of paper, bound and stapled together, usually using 2 staples. A stapled booklet is the most common and affordable product.

square binding

It is a type of binding that connects a glued spine and a saddle booklet. The pages are stapled together, but the formed spine is flat.

perfect binding

A glued square spine means a brochure whose inner sides are glued together (with PUR or EVA glue) to form a straight, flat spine.

wire’o binding

It is a brochure consisting of several sheets of paper bound together by a plastic or metal spiral.

listwowanie plakatów do formatu B1

folia mat, błysk, soft touch, anti-scratch

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