Printing house

We are a printing house with experience

DB Print Polska Sp. z o.o. has been operating on the Polish market since 2005.
Thanks to a professional, well-skilled crew and operating a modern machine park, we can provide our customers with world-class service.

Modern Machine Park

We are proud of the fact that in one production cycle we can print a sheet in B1+ format two-sided at a rate of 16 thousand sheets per hour. The second thing worth praising is that our machines are capable of printing the sheets up to B1+ format with UV-cured paints.  The advantages of this technology are undoubtedly the time, so the money you can save. The sheet is ready for further processing or shipping immediately after printing. We do not need additional time for drying the sheet.

Komori LS 840
format maximum 72x102cm
(B1+) 8-color offset machine

Komori LS 429 HUV
format maximum 53x75cm (B2)
machine 4-color HUV printing

Komori GL 840 HUV
format maximum 72x102cm (B1+)
machine 8-color HUV printing

Komori GL 429
format maximum 53x75cm (B2)
4-color machine with dispersion varnish

The bookbinder
is a craftsman engaged in manual framing of various publications and decoration of luminaires (mainly antique), printing house worker (bookbinding)

source: Wikipedia

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Excellence begins with a specialization

modern machinery and a highly qualified workforce are the way to specialization